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Khutbah From Leeds Grand Mosque

Assalamualaium Warahmatullah 

Dear all, 

This is the Khutbah from Leeds Grand Mosque this friday by Sheikh Judae. He mentioned in his khutbah to pass on the message to those who are not present (nope, this isn't a chain mail!) so that is exactly what I am doing. To those who was there, I am sorry for cluttering your email, and to those who are not interested in this subject matter, then all the more reson that you should read this. ------------------------------------------------------------- He started by asking us the question 'Do we have to concern ourselves with the welfare of our brothers and sisters who lives faraway in different lands?' Before answering the question, He went on to say that Jihad is ongoing from the time of Rasulullah SAW till the end of time. We must not be complacent with regards to Jihad, for that will make us weak. It can take various forms, the best form will be the ones who are in the frontlines who are fighting in the Path of Allah SWT, willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah SWT and helping this Ummah. But other forms are just as needed such as making dua, contributing money and other forms of support. We have belittled this obligation while in fact it has been stressed in the Quran. Jihad fisabilillah (in the Path of Allah) has been described in more detail in the Quran than salat and fasting, but yet most of us ignore this obligation. 

When our ummah is oppressed or persecuted, always we blame the leaders, the tyrants. But we forget the teaching of the Quran with regards to Firaun. Firaun was a tyrant, a persecutor of the believers, enemy of Allah SWT. Although Firaun is dead, there will always be Firauns in other places, in other ages. And for us to expect good from Firaun or expect him to change his ways (unless Allah SWT wills it) is deceiving ourselves. There is no point continuing to blame Firaun when we as an ummah forget our obligation to Allah SWT. 

We are so deeply preoccupied with this world and its affairs, worried about acquiring more wealth, houses, cars, our studies, exams, preoccupied with family and its joys, worried abt our futures, pensions, savings till we forget about the suffering of the rest our ummah, who are persecuted daily by the dzalimun, the oppresors. Of course we still have to fulfil our reponsibilities of this world, but not at the expense of the akhirah and this ummah, and ignoring the commands of Allah SWT. Our rezq or total wealth in this world has been predestined even before we were born, so what is required of us is the initial effort and Allah SWT will fulfil His promise. We should put our trust in Our Lord, but most of us would rather put our trust in our abilities and work as if that is more secure than Allah SWT's promise. We are scared of losing our rezq or not acquiring enough eventhough that is in Allah's Hands, when we should give our money away in charity, support Jihad, feed the poor and needy. Brothers and sisters, we wont die until what Allah SWT has written for us which includes our rezq in this world is fulfilled, so stop worrying about not getting enough, obey the commands of Allah SWT and fulfil our responsbilities to our ummah. Don't be complacent and feel that we are safe in this land (UK) when we are actually living in the lands of those who hates us, the Muslims, those who hate Islam and its teachings.

 So, it is very much our obligation to be concerned about what is happening to our Ummah around the world, in Palestine, in Chechnya, in Iraq, in Kashmir, in Indonesia as well as in UK. As it has been said by Rasullah SAW, 'those who does not concern themselves with the welfare of our nation, he is not part of it.'

 So, that is the main gist of it. I have added somethings in to fill up gaps in my memory. Blessings from the khutbah is a mercy from Allah SWT to you, and I do apologize if there is any mistake that I made in it.

 wassalamualaikum warahmatullai wabarakatuh

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